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Lady V

is a company founded in Prato in 1989, specializing in the production and marketing of products and technical fabrics for cleaning environments and materials for whitewashing, a market that has expanded considerably over the years, thus increasing the needs of our customers.

For our company, this evolution has been a fundamental push to evolve in skills and technologies. Starting from 2015, Lady V acquired the marketing of the two Etruska and Panda brands, specialized in fabrics and fashion products, synonymous with quality, style and elegance for over 40 years.



The “il Panda” line is specialized in the production of Made in Italy and imported ecological furs, boiled wool in mohair alpaca wool blend and coupled fabrics.
A “textile laboratory” that tastes of craftsmanship and family, a team of professionals who look at fabrics with the imagination of those who dream.
The experience gained in the sector of products for cleaning, whitening and painting, has allowed Lady V to develop the “Ecopolish” line, specialized in fabrics and materials for technical and industrial use.
The “Etruska” line finds its specialization in products such as ecological leathers and tassels, quilts, duvets and fancy fabrics. Lady V in this line also offers maximum competence and dynamism for everything related to total looks.